What makes an Online Ad-Network Tick?

Internet consumers like free stuff on the net.The only way to make the internet media a predominantly free medium is nothing but advertising. So if ads make internet tick!…Then ad- networks makes internet advertising tick!. This made possible because the ad-networks took to pain to add a technology layer to the traditional media rep model.[…]


Adchakra Launches Brand Video Short Code at Adtech New Delhi

Revolutionizes the communications industry through the development of an innovative communication platform for Brands and Consumers To better serve both Brands and consumers alike, Adchakra, the cross channel ad network of Percept Knorigin has launched its new innovative service ’Brand Video Short Code’ through which brands can have 3G Video short codes wherein consumers can[…]


Widgets in Online Marketing

What are Widgets A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into any third party sites by any user on a page. Widgets are fun, engaging and very useful applications that allow users to turn any personal content to dynamic web apps. There are many widgets to pick from the lot as per[…]


How E-mail has Become a Direct-Marketing Rock Star in Economic Downtimes

It’s likely the least sexy tool in your marketing arsenal, but it could be the one that delivers real results. E-mail has emerged as a recession darling, as retailers look to proven programs that are cost-effective and results-oriented. That’s led to increasing investment in technologies that better target customers and serve up more enticing messages.[…]


Online Ad Effectiveness Depends on Time of Day

While TV advertising has always been structured around times and dates, digital marketers are just waking up to the possibilities of how time targeting in the digital space can maximize the effectiveness of their messages. A study by the U.K. Internet Advertising Bureau with Lightspeed Research found that online consumers of all ages believe they[…]