Mobile App Download Campaign

Mobile App Downloads Campaign Context: Consumers are fast adopting Mobile apps for various utilities and leisure. It has triggered a new battlefield for app downloads and in-app engagement . We help various organizations and businesses to reach their relevant consumers for app downloads Insights: People are quite eager to try new apps, simultaneously their uninstall[…]


Capitalise on the Power of Widget Marketing

The internet paradigm seems to be changing again with the online audience moving away form hitherto established browsing patterns to spend more and more tie on social media sites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and the likes. Furthermore, rather than visit numerous individual sites for their many information or entertainment needs, they are using technology[…]

Mobile Conversation – The Present and Future of Mobile Advertising and Marketing in India

I had an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on the mobile marketing scenario in India, organised by agencyfaqs (afaqs). The following are some of the takeaways from that discussion. How is mobile positioned by media planners vis-à-vis other media? UK Consumer Media Time Spend Vs UK Advertisers Media Ad Spend From the above[…]

Face of a Mobile

Have we ever seen a mobile closely. Not really. Because we are all busy with our work. The device is just taken as a tool which helps us to be in touch with eachother on the move. But if we closely examine our mobile, it has a face. A face which has expression. A face[…]