Client Acquisition & Activation through Online media

We might have come across numerous situations where advertisers and agencies have reservations towards the Online medium, a medium where anything is possible.


Lets look at a scenario, did we ever thought we will be able to order a Particular brand of Imported watch or get our Air Tickets, without the help of a vendor or a travel agent? Certainly not few years back, but today we can do anything & everything (thanks to Internet/online medium) & with that much privacy and safety (which we always craved for) with the number of Internet users increasing day by day, lets ask a question ourselves what is the restricting factor for majority of advertisers and agencies from turning to and spending a good part of their Marketing budget online? Thanks to ton loads of research done, there are two major reasons a) Not every product or solution can be made available or sold through online and b) We are not able to hit the right chord to get advertisers online who believe strongly in traditional media.


So what is that we need to do to change the way our advertisers think. Normally when we put down an online promotion or plan for advertisers we think in one direction of who is the target audience, where we can find them and what are the different ways to engage them with the brand, ending up in a plan designed on either CPM/CPC/ or may be some time on CPL/CPA basis. Or end up in sending some e-mailers or news letters. Rather than the normal routine let’s think of a plan where we can drive the Prospective customers to our advertisers’ offline setup and get them to buy from our advertisers. The question is what is that as an agency we will get, instead of charging on one particular Commercial model, let us go for a strategic tie up with our advertisers & suggest them on working on a Multiple Price Models, and it is a win- win situation, advertiser are happy to see how effective online promotion can work for them and we are happy we have more opportunities to explore and as in any business elevated revenues.


Having said it is not that every advertisers is looking for Activation and multi model campaigns, but if our advertisers want to and if we need to get new advertisers on board, we need to be ready to take a gamble and be the one to do it for them, as they say (with some tweaking J ) “it is not only the early bird catches the worm, but an early smart bird can catch many WORMS”

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