Demystifying Social Media Platforms

Discussed below are some of the platforms where you can communicate, share knowledge, ask questions, answers questions and even find people of your choice in any part of the world. May be technically we can call them Social Media Platforms.

Yahoo Answers : This is a platform where one can ask questions of any sort , on any topic and people can answer to any questions having all the freedom with the help of their experience and information. Thus this becomes a useful tool for knowledge sharing.

eHow : eHow unlike yahoo answers provides the information one is looking for but not through asking questions, rather one as to search the necessary information in eHow which will be explained with the relevant articles and videos which makes the understanding of the seeker easy as the explanation would include step by step process. The user can any how comment on the information obtained through articles and videos.

Scribd : In Scribd users can post their own documents in any format as the document reader of scribd is iPaper which transforms PDF, RTF, TIFF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet and other file formats into an web display format.
In eHow we get the information needed through articles and in scribd we can post our own document.Scribd is also the world’s largest social reading platform where the documents posted in scridb can be accessed in iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone which are all web-enabled mobiles.

Ezine Articles : Ezine Articles is an online directory of articles where articles are posted by expert authors & writers. All these articles are referred by numerous visitors and are used by the publishers for email newsletters as these are original articles with good quality.

Twitter : Twitter is one of the coolest platform where one can be connected to formal and informal network through short messages called “tweets” which are of 120 characters. We can stay connected by either following people where their messages would appear on our profile or by followers where our tweets would appear on their profile. Twitter is the only platform where the communication can be one way as we need not follow the people who are following us.

Facebook : This is one of the happening social networking sites among all and largest too. Here we can meet our friends, families and business associates. We can keep a track of what people are upto on our friend list by their profile updation and all the applications in facebook are user friendly.

Wikipedia : This is a collection of articles, information on different categories and languages and can be edited by any one for spelling, grammar, rewriting for readability, adding content or removing non-constructive edits and can also contribute to the same. Wikipedia is a complete encyclopedia where its contents need not be accurate as it will be edited by numerous people in numerous ways.