Developing Digital Media plan

Designing Digital Media plan for your Clients

Apart from general advice on involving Percept Knoring in all your clients’ digital media plans, there are few other things I would like to point down for you to generate a successful and practical plan for your clients.

Focus on Customer Experience instead of technology: Technology is a way to achieve things however as brand custodians you have to more worry about creating customer experience for you clients or products you are working for. A lot of us get fascinated by technology and start considering technology as a end rather than the means. Some times the best technologies are just clever ideas conceived for the right reasons for your client…Remember creativity still drives technology rather than other way around.

Create a balance between Branding, Awareness and Call to Action:  Having a single minded focus on creating business leads through digital media does not always work, you need to work on creating a plan which gives the adequate branding has content which creates awareness and media plan which reaches out to the most relevant audience with relevant transaction capabilities to enable call to actions like filling up forms, sending sms or calling the dealer to buy the product or even buy online.

Create Metrics and Measurement : I think a lot of agencies and media houses still need to get convinced in a old saying ‘what can not measured can not be managed’, Digital media gives perfect environment to put metrics and measurement techniques to your media spend and result that it generates.  There are number of ROI and user experience metrics which needs to be put up in place for any campaigns, this will not only help us to be more accountable and create more value for our clients.

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