Digital Media for Messaging or Persuasion

The sheer nature of Digital Media like mobiles and internet often tempts a marketer to look at messaging or spamming users rather than persuading them through creative messages. I remember in the last general elections, a mobile campaign was run by one of the parties requesting for votes. I am not sure how many of you consider this as sound marketing.

India has come a long way since then and marketers have started using digital media platforms like mobile and internet for designing more persuasive campaigns and prompting users to take actions like sending SMS for voting or enrolling on their websites to participate in contest.

There are various benefits of using online and Digital Media in your brand strategy as it increases the overall effectiveness of the campaign or strategy. It provides:

  • Reach – customers who are otherwise not possible to reach through offline media can be targeted
  • Call to Action – Simplified by having SMS short code or website for follow-up
  • Tracking/Reporting – To check the effectiveness of a campaign

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