Digital Media for Reach and Smart Targeting

Digital Media provides opportunities to reach out to very influential section of consumers at probably one-third the cost of traditional media. There are certain demographics like NRIs, IT users etc. where no other media can provide comparable reach and results. Some of the advertising mechanisms prevalent are search engine advertising, display advertising and direct email or SMS based marketing.

Some of the successful techniques used in Digital Media to reach target audiences include the following.

  • Geographical Targeting – It is possible to target certain cities, geographies only for your advertisements.
  • Contextual Targeting – You can target content on the internet matching the context of your brand/product. For example – if you have a real estate client in India, you could contextually target sites which have content related to cities where your client has projects.
  • Behavioral Targeting: This is the latest technique being used by online media planners where certain behavioral patterns of users are tracked and used to serve specific marketing messages around clients/brands.

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