Digital Media – Indian Marketer’s Dream Boat!!!

India – a country of  one Billion & growing…. Out of this even if there is 20% internet penetration ( not to ignore internet on mobile) it is going to be the largest consumer Nation in the world .Next only to China.

 I am not overtly optimistic on Internet & broadband penetration.. but you can’t ignore  a sea change in the internet usage pattern in India. Take for example my own Dad.. he never trades on share online even though he is a retired Banker with a eye on the trade. But now he now books his tickets through IRCTC… reads vernacular e-paper when he visits his daughter abroad.So the change here is overwhelming.

 To put things into perspective if things are changing at a ripe age of 60 then its is very much happening with young India.The point am putting across is the usage patterns are changing at both ends of the demography. Leave alone the Middle order like us.

 So it is upto the  marketers to  figure out, where their Target Group exsists.When they talk internet marketing  as a PURE  lead generation mechanism,I beg to disagree. It a performance medium but it  gets you enough Branding as well. It is not because they don’t understand the medium but here the decision, whether it is on a online creative or media  plan are clearly visible for de-construction. 

Let me explain further on this . A Marketer take a  print ad in a leading daily the ROI metrics are  projected on Circulation vis-à-vis  Readership. He is paying a premium for it. Only advantage is the comfort factor that it will get delivered the next morning of the release. ROI on pure branding !!! ( not easily quantifiable inspite all the software that is available today) 

Internet gets you Branding, it makes your TG’s click on where you want them to click,can send you a genuine lead ( not all the time still they sent you some kind of feedback),fuels your CRM .You pay for the Performance..Either it is Impressions, Clicks,or Actions. Not to ignore at some unbelievable prices. 

Then why wait for Web 02 to really happen here. In India  there is a lot you can do with Web 01 itself.

 India …Go Embrace!!!  

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