Digital Trends and Market Expectations

Hmmm… here we are. Welcome to 2008! Errr… user generated 2008? Nope. Not really.

I wish Percept Knorigin team a great start and would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their valuable contribution for making things happen at the end of the day. (oops year 🙂

There’s already been a lot of articles around on the Internet about the predictions for 2008.  The technologies and the trends that would change the way we live and interact. Gosh! I don’t even have an inkling what’s that about, and where does it lead to? The scenario in India definitely looks peppy, given the kind of milieu that we have had for some time now.

However, one bright spot that I would like to mention is that more and more clients are getting design savvy and have started to realize the positive effect of branding for better bottom-line results. And ‘digital’ is the new mantra.  And why not?  Since half of India is still young and ‘connected’, the possibilities to encash have only grown manifold.

It would be interesting to see how technology would shape things to come. And life too. But again, let the best win. Only the simple and usable platform will get an edge for there’s already a cacophony of products and technologies out there.  Everyone’s asking for more. And why not? I am more than happy to deliver.

I am in. Are you?

Ciao. We have already started to look forward to the Valentine’s day.

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