Impact of Online Media on Social and Word of Mouth

As people lives have become more active online, with people finding more comfort on expressing themselves and active virtual social life through community and social networking websites…there is a growing trends of finding more friends online than real world. There is a parallel social landscape that has emerged; this landscape provides excellent opportunities to marketers to generate publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. There are instances of brands completely built online including ever famous hotmail, whereby each email sent through hotmail carried a small message which prompted more users to join the hotmail community. There are more examples of brands like Google, linked in, elongation etc where the social fabric has been used to build awareness and brand. Many companies have started using bogs as an effective technique to build brands and provide outlet for customer support, collaboration and feedback mechanism.

Are Kids different today because of digital life…


Many marketeers have started using a term called Social Media Optimization(SMO) where SMO is referred as a a technique to viral marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social bookmaking, video and photo sharing websites. There are many instances where compelling content highlighting a brand is created and posted at the right places for people to forward the content to friends or other people in the community. This not only eliminates the need of media buying completely but also involve users in brand creation.

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