About us

The internet is a rapidly evolving landscape. Every year we see breakthrough models making a market entry and changing user behaviour. Adchakra is constantly on the lookout for ideas to connect advertisers and marketer to their audience through internet and mobile. Today we reach out to millions of consumers worldwide with Adchakra’s cross-channel targeted advertising.

Adchakra Advertising Network therefore has been built on the best of the breed advertising and marketing technologies available. We run targeted campaigns across Display – Video – Social – Search – Mobile

Our aspiration has been to bring in a transparency to publishers and advertiser relationship and support both with best targeting and ad serving technologies available. Our Platform enables you to choose multiple media formats and channels for your campaigns.


To constantly innovate and connect online & mobile users with advertisers & marketers in more ways.


Adchakra platforms serve variety of rich media ads formats on internet and mobile. Our Ad Servers are based in multiple data centres and leverage content distribution network for high performance Ad Serving.



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