Mobile Solution

150mn mobile internet users today. 500mn by 2020. Can you miss this?

Mobile Internet population in India is growing exponentially at an upward of 150 million today. It is expected to touch 500 million by 2020. And more than 2 million new smart phones are getting bought in to the market. Here is an opportunity which no marketer can ignore. Furthermore, it becomes imperative today to leverage the mobile medium to reach out to the audience.

AdChakra’s parent company PK Online has a strong footing in mobile VAS. By the virtue of this, we have developed cutting edge advertising solutions on the small screen. These are focused on solving key challenges to deliver maximum reach & engagement, which include:

  1. Precise targeting based on demography – Be it various operators, customer’s plan – post or pre paid, device type or even 3G or 2G, AdChakra’s mobile solutions are designed to leverage every kind of mobile audience.
  2. Delivering engaging and richer message – AdChakra delivers rich, dynamic and engaging creative. You can adapt your TV commercials to the small screen in terms of Videos, make apps for your brand and even have Gaming content.
  3. Precise measurement of campaign impact – Through real time event and engagement trackers, measure the number of views and completion rates across platforms, geographies and devices.

Our Mobile Solutions include

  1. Display and search advertising focused on mobile screens. Get fabulous apps for higher engagement with the Click To Download app:
    • Advertisers only pay for the numbers of apps downloaded
    • Increase your app usage 100X within months of launch
    • Target users based on locations with contextual ads
    • Detailed reporting and metrics
    • App developers
    • Companies with loyalty apps
    • Online sites which have recently launched their app
  2. Driving Android app usage – To increase the app usage of a Brand we engage directly through the OEMs, by pre installing the app and also offering tracking solutions.
  3. Brand Reward – Get instantly rewards and gratify your audience through airtime top-up.
  4. Engagement Mix for Mobile – If today, a marketer wants to better and improve engagement you cannot ignore the mobile interface mix –missed call, SMS and Voice based. This is a cost-effective way of building consumer engagement and, the brand will have access to data on consumer preferences and geographies which can be useful for innovation and future campaigns

Our Key differentiators include

  1. Our Relationship with leading publishers: Telco’s, OEM and RTB exchanges to give you optimal ROI’s on your spend
  2. Targeting Capabilities: Channel, Device, Time, OEM, OS, Geo-Location, Carrier and Browser targeting
  3. New Ad-formats: Page Push down, Interstitial, Pre-Roll Video on Mobile Browser and App.