Online Referral Recruitment – Pure Stealth

Do you agree with me on this??? Will you respond to a Job opening sent to you from a known buddy or from an unknown faceless entity. I think the later as most of us agree.

Corporations are taking referral recruiting to the online with vengeance. It is no longer discreet cafeteria-boards.. They try this from various touch points when their employees are online.

The touch points:

· Simple e-mail updates

· eNews-letters

· Intranet job banners

· Postings on Corporate Blogs

· Corporate Website

· CUG SMS blasts


The more touch points the merrier. Because forwarding this is more of impulse rather than a pre-planned action. So try to be there where ever possible.

It is always better to have a method in this madness. Have a clear and simple communications strategy and easy forwarding with tracking options .You also get ready to deploy HR software tools like Taleo which can be integrated for referral recruitment.

One of the largest Media House in India tries to incentivize their referral recruitment through their on retail shopping vouchers. This one works for sure because who does not want to work & play with buddies and in turn cash on it.

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