Asahi Glass India (DragonTrail)

Asahi Glass India (DragonTrail) – Media & Video

Asahi Glass India wanted to create consumer awareness around its Mobile Glass offering- Dragontrail which pits it directly against Gorilla glass


  • Touchscreen glass strength and longevity is a major point of concern and conversations for consumers
  • People do a lot of mobile and tech review related search and research using Youtube videos
  • People also engage with a lot of tech related posts on Facebook
  • Video as a medium is the most engaging and rich storytelling medium to establish clear product benefits

Optimized Plan:

  • An interesting dog human video creative titled The Story of #Jealousdog was produced in house to amplify product benefits.
  • Youtube and Facebook were used optimally to aid delivery of message effectively and seed conversations on social media

Campaign delivered 0.5 Mn impressions on Youtube and 10K new likes of Facebook with a VTR exceeding 25%+ on both platforms