Rise of Digital Media

Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education, Since technically any thing which stores information in digital form like CD, DVD’s, Multimedia PC data, digital signages, Video games can be considered as form of digital media, however the most impacting digital media technologies are those which provides us real time interactions and personalization  characteristics e.g. cell phones, internet, IPTV, network games.

Internet started as a pure communication platform in early 90’s without any fancy graphics and was confined to text based browsers with primary use as email, but wide spread availability of broadband and improvements in its graphics and video capabilities its closer to TV today in its ability to handle audio, video and rich graphics,


We already have more than 800 Million Internet users globally with 30 Million of them being in India and future growth will be influenced by cost, Simplicity of operations, Broadband connectivity and availability of relevant content/application, however initial indicators are positive and we have cheaper and simpler PC’s with subsidized broadband connections for home users and its all fuelling the growth of online users in India.


Mobile phones are where internet was about 10 years ago in terms of media delivery capabilities but in terms of reach its at more than 200 Million mark in India, with the largest growth happening in terms of subscriber added, however in terms of application 95% of the people still use mobile for communication and messaging device, As the smart multimedia handsets are far from becoming cheaper and there is very little push from operators to move people from sms users to internet and media applications on mobiles, It would take few more years before there would be wide spread deployment of mobile as a media platform and can really be treated as small personalized screen where advertisers can influence consumers.


IPTV promises to bring in the best of internet, TV and network gaming with features like on-demand programming, two way communication, user generated content with simplicity of television set, Its yet to make its mark globally yet however there is a good possibility of people wanting to watch rich media content on TV screen on comfortable screens and we may very soon see global players agreeing to a technology standard so that vast multimedia content of internet becomes accessible to TV screens. Two biggest factors which can impact an explosive growth of digital media are fusion of TV and internet in form of IPTV and ability of phones to become personalized media players and all around communicators.


Global Marketeers have started using digital media platforms extensively to enhance brands, create awareness and build business pipeline. The growth of interactive advertising continues at a torrid pace. Global internet Advertising market stood 16 billion in 2006 a healthy increase from 12 billion in 2005. These record numbers are a solid indication that marketers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the strength, accountability and effectiveness of the interactive medium.

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