Social Media

Stay ahead of your competitors by participating in real-time engagement, thus amplifying your brand presence.

Social media has given an amazing platform for brands to reach out to their fans directly, work in real-time and amplify conversations to create engaging brand imagery, perception as well as increase brand saliency and boost sales.

At Adchakra, we understand the importance of social media for your business and make sure that it gives you best results aligned to your marketing objectives.

Our Approach

  1. Assessment – We assess the current situation of your competitors and your marketing objectives. After that, both primary and secondary research is carried out to decode the demographics and psychographics of your Target Audience.
  2. Strategize – Passionate specialists work on the ideas that can bring you closer to your audience with engaging campaigns.
  3. Creative Execution – Everything you do on social has to be visually creative. Social platforms gives you a chance to explore and sometimes try the route not taken but which at the end strikes a chord with your audience. Aesthetically superior designs crafted by experienced designers and art directors at Adchakra makes the visuals appealing thus garnering maximum response.
  4. Accountability – Whatever we execute on all the platforms, we make sure it gives you measurable ROI. Our analysts crunch numbers into reports that are easy to understand, so that you know what is happening, how and why.