Search Giant Google Makes Its Case for Display Advertising

NEW YORK ( –  Search advertisers: Google would like you to sell you some display advertising. The internet giant is releasing a bit of research today that’s counterintuitive, if not somewhat peculiar, for a company so dependent on the search-advertising category for revenue. Specifically: Google is making the claim that display, video and text ads[…]

Rise of Digital Media

Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education, Since technically any thing which stores information in digital form like CD, DVD’s, Multimedia PC data, digital signages, Video games can be considered as form of digital media, however the most impacting[…]

Impact of Online Media on Social and Word of Mouth

As people lives have become more active online, with people finding more comfort on expressing themselves and active virtual social life through community and social networking websites…there is a growing trends of finding more friends online than real world. There is a parallel social landscape that has emerged; this landscape provides excellent opportunities to marketers[…]