Think Beyond>>>Reach were your competion can’t!

If you look around you find tend step on hordes of Branding & Promotional campaigns done by savvy marketers all over the commercially available online media assets.

But the prized question is ? Can a marketers think beyond this clear channels and come out with channels which makes a strong connection with TG & yet not commercially available for campaigns.

One such campaign is what we recently did for GK VALE.COM on Air-Deccan website.
If this is not commercially available then how on earth one can run a campaign on these sites. Answer -Think Beyond>>>


Any website or portals exists because they have a user base or customers. They want to keep to customer-base happy. Engage them on a continued basis…create stickiness.

Approach not from pure campaign angle – how as sponsor one can add value to their user or customer base. In this particular case pamper their flyers with free photo prints and weekly free digital camera. Wow ! this is sure to break the ice. Throw in some Emailer & SMS Blasts to their large customer DataBase.Cool isn’t it!


For Sponsor: A chance make Prospective TG to use and experience their product or service ( in this case frequent flyers or travelers who holds credit cards and are not averse to transacting online>>> can you beat that) for a online photo & gifting company it is gold mine for sure.

For Portal: Promise and delver a little extra by the way of sure goodies and engage them further more to create stickiness.

Don’t take our word for it see what the Sponsor has to say

Now put you thinking Caps On… and Think Beyond!!!

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