UGC – can’t respect it, but you can’t Ignore it?

It is a hot debate now for sure – should a marketer sing his own song or make a group of users, customers, prospects sing about it. 

There is an explosion of social media out here. It make sense to leverage this  because it by far becoming the most influential source for making a studied purchase decision. 

Recent Comscore study indicates that majority of the people like to buy products and services highly rated by other fellow users. UGC invokes a better feeling amongst the buyers than professionally generated reviews. 

It is basically a paradigm shift to every one is a media in contrast to just rely on content providers and publishers for opinion formation. This is very much reflective of the kind of interest Social Media is getting from the savvy new age Marketers.  

There is a host options to choose from including communities, reviews, forums, blogs or Wikis. And is better left the professional to run and manage this because it requires a different kind of campaign skills unlike regular PR practise. Not to forget this is a double-edged weapon you are playing with.

 Am I trying to be Socially Correct here?

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