Unravelling Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A media where we can socially interact through highly accessible and scalable techniques is how we understand Social Media Marketing in a basic level. The important tool in SMM is communication and for a communication to be in the manner of interactive dialogues, Social media works on Web-based technologies.

Lets understand in a short way the different forms of social media as listed below:

(1) Social Blogs: This is a platform where people share each others activity by continuous updating of pictures, videos and audios too.

(2) Micro Blogging: It is the Combination of Blogging and instant messaging which can be posted in ones profile as a short message which is created by the users.

(3) Wikis: This uses software which runs on the web browser and helps the user to update and add the content on the site.

(4) Pod casts: In simple words podcast is the method by which the content is syndicated or its the content itself. It is also a series of audio or videos which is downloaded through iTunes and Zunes.

And the rest are self explanatory as listed below

(5) Pictures

(6) Video

(7) rating

(8) Social book marking

“Social Authority” is one of the means for the success of Social media marketing. Only when a organization or an individual is “Expert” in their boundary Social Authority would be developed.
Social media becomes very effective through the “building of Social authority”. In social media we have no control over our messages; the only way to convey our messages is by actively participating in the “conversations” such that there is a relevant influence of it. The conversation should be very cleverly processed as people in general are very resistant to marketing.

Authority can be created in social media platforms such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Ezine Articles, Scribd, EHow and Yahoo Answers.
In the next post we shall look into different platforms of social media.