Video Solution


What would you choose? A world of ambiguity around the effectiveness of TV advertising or transparency, ROI and desired engagement with Video advertising on mobile and online? The latter always wins, hand down! More so as the online and mobile video consumption is growing at 60% in last 2 years. Not just that, the total online video viewership in India as per comScore stands at more than 55 million with each user spending 500 minutes in a month.

At AdChakra, we are well positioned among the leading player in the industry. Furthermore, we partner with leading video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, DittoTV and our in-house product HelloTV, thereby delivering the right audiences to multiple channels as well as multiple devices.

Our Key differentiators include

  1. Agile Creative production – The ads are adapted basis the data feedback on the campaign, which means, being able to connect and show ads to the consumers depending on their needs and interests. Adapting to the changing environment and flexibility is the key in this fast paced digital world.
  2. Aggressive focus on Mobile – To increasing reach, all Video solutions are well integrated and adapted to work on the Mobiles. Apart from converting & monetizing, this also increases the reach to the millions of mobile users.
  3. Realtime campaign dashboard – This allows the advertiser to gauge the performance and impact of their current and previous Video campaigns – their reach, the engagement levels, the location details and other such details – in real time.

Our Solutions include

With a focus on innovative formats, AdChakra has solutions for your video advertising needs and help make your campaign a success.

  1. PreRolls – To take advantage of audience participation, as they are already engaged while watching online videos, these Ads appear before the beginning of online video.
  2. Page push down – A page push down ad is a flash unit comprised of two stages where in the 1st stage, the page push down is located at the top of the page in its closed format and in the 2nd stage, it automatically expands and “pushes” the page down.
  3. Smart Recommendations – Basis the videos that a user plays, we ensure to give only the best and most relevant recommendations