What makes an Online Ad-Network Tick?

Internet consumers like free stuff on the net.The only way to make the internet media a predominantly free medium is nothing but advertising.

So if ads make internet tick!…Then ad- networks makes internet advertising tick!.

This made possible because the ad-networks took to pain to add a technology layer to the traditional media rep model.

The people behind the scene would vouch for the same (go ahead – ask a digital media planners):

• Giving them a targeted Diaspora of online population
• Precise targeting capabilities from evolved audience measurement tools & analytics
• Reduce spillage – (a big relief from the Traditional media DNA – “Spraying & Praying”)
• Optimize as you go – start, stop &improvise a big advantage
• Set advertising budgets & stay within the range
• Buy as you please – CPM|CPC|CPL|CPA
• Helluva lot a analytics – to do the crunch pre & post campaign

So of late -Why the latest automated online media channels killing the networks – you might ask?

There is no simple answer to this as far as we know – even if you have automated platforms – you need trained hands to handle the trade.These automated DSP & SSP are all selling to networks first even before they are selling to agencies & brands.
Simply media is a relationship business – those who stay closer to brands & agencies will survive.

So they will rather co-exist or rather die in each other’s arms. But later looks too distant^^^.

It is up to the ad-networks to figure how to combine the forces & run to suit media campaigns on their own private publisher network or ad-exchanges for larger reach plus performance.

Live & Let Live!